Pork roast with apple slices

Apple Pork Roast

One pork lion and some apple slices turns out to be one amazing feast!

As you can see we bought a center cut pork lion, sliced it with cuts about 1 inch apart, and wedged in apple slices in each cut. Then coated the pork loin with olive oil, salt, pepper, oregano, thyme, and chunks of garlic and BOOM!

We cooked it on our green barrel smoker for about 4.5 hours at 240 degress until the internal temperature was about 145F.

This was actually the “last hurrah” for our years old green barrel upright smoker grill. The order had already been placed for our Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Offset Smoker. 😉

We served with brussel sprouts and a baked apple. (We had a lot of apples)

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